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We are IHS. This is our story.

We are a women-owned intensive outpatient wellness recovery center. IHS was born from the pain of watching our loved ones struggle for decades with addiction, mental health, and ultimate loss. Based on our experiences in these market segments and using The IHS APPROACH (™) to heal our own chronic health problems, we see the essential need to do more than solely rely on traditional treatment techniques. We believe it’s imperative to adopt a holistic person-centered approach for substance use and mental health, expand treatment options for clients, and provide them with long-term wrap-around support. We focus on improving the mind, body, and spirit because these areas of health are all connected. This means that disease in one area will affect the others. 

Self-medication with drugs and alcohol is a common response to various issues, including co-occurring disorders like depression. This behavior often arises from a desire to cope with emotional pain or mental health challenges. However, it can lead to a deeper disconnect between the mind, body, and spirit, exacerbating the underlying issues rather than resolving them.

Our Mission

Dedicating ourselves to bringing holistic healing and prevention strategies to those struggling with substance use and mental health by using a comprehensive approach that integrates mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions for whole person wellness. 

Our Vision

We envision an inclusive healthcare system that bridges traditional and holistic medicine together to prevent disease, to support people on their journey to recovery, and build physically and mentally healthy communities. 

Our Values

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Tons of Energy Today

"Thank you so much for working with me. I had tons of energy today. It felt really good."


"This is an excellent compliment to medical management. It treats the entire person."

Incredible Value

"Meeting had incredible value. It brought me great ideas to proceed with wellness and provide myself with compassion."

Get in Touch

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive healthcare services. We look forward to helping you improve your health.

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