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Our Loved Ones

Online Memorial

My brother, David, was a loving person and would do anything for you. He had no idea one day he would become addicted to opioids and alcohol and eventually fatally overdose at 43 years of age.  

We are losing far too many loved ones to The Opioid Epidemic.  According to the CDC, we lost over 69,000 people in 2020 alone.  While we cannot bring them back, we can honor them and continue to educate the public on the dangers of opioids thru their stories. 

Please join IHS in honoring the good in our loved ones lost for who they truly are by visiting our online memorial. 

Recovery is Possible

The stigma around having a substance use disorder keeps people from seeking the help they need. 25 million Americans are in recovery, and the more their stories are heard the more we smash the stigma. Add your story today!


Change is hard but anything is possible with hard work, determination and support. If you want your life to be different,  the only person that can make it happen is YOU! All the resources, education and support in the world will do nothing unless YOU take responsibility for your own health and life. Happiness, health and healing doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time for disease to manifest in your body and it takes daily work and time to heal. 


Sit quietly and ask yourself: What do I want in my life? 

Be still and wait for the answer. Don't rush the process. Whatever you truly desire, go after it NOW. Time is of the essence and we don't know what tomorrow will bring. We are meant to be happy and healthy. We are all connected and impact each other everyday positively or negatively. We all have a purpose in life. There’s a reason you're here right now. Change your health and life so you can be your best self and live your best life. Address your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being so you can be your best self and live your best life. Make a difference in your life and the lives of others. 


At IHS we know that change is not easy and you need help. You are not alone. We are here to help you. IHS is here to inspire and empower you to take ownership of your health and life through our educational programs/events, 1:1 coaching, on-going support and by sharing real life stories of people who have worked hard to change their life and found greater health and happiness as a result.

Click here to see that change is possible and health and happiness are within reach.

Honoring My Brother

In Loving Memory of David Arthur Gott 

As the Founder and CEO of IHS, I understand the anguish of addiction. I've also experienced the heartache of losing a loved one to the devastating crisis of substance abuse and mental health struggles. My older brother, David, battled addiction to opioids and alcohol for two decades. Throughout those years, we witnessed a relentless cycle of highs and lows, with no respite. Nothing changed; it never improved. David suffered, and so did our family and I.

On the morning of October 9th, 2008, I received a call from my mother that shattered my world. Still groggy from sleep, I heard her voice say, "Catherine, are you awake? David is gone." My 71-year-old mother had found her 43-year-old son lifeless on the floor while letting her dog out. Living with a loved one with addiction, causes you to continually worry and wonder not if but when it might be the end.  Little did I realize the enduring impact of David's addiction and loss, would later manifest in my own health crisis in 2016.

David, who expressed his love most openly in our family, yearned for acceptance and validation. Despite our efforts to show him love, he felt unloved and unworthy. The unending cycle of addiction and mental health struggles buried him under layers of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual anguish, unaddressed by our conventional healthcare system. David received nothing but more diagnoses and medications, never confronting his underlying issues.

During my own health crisis, I encountered the same healthcare system that failed my brother. Surprisingly, no one offered me anything beyond medication. It wasn't until I confronted my past trauma, discovered holistic healthcare, and embraced a person-centered approach that my healing journey began. I couldn't help but wonder, what if David had access to this kind of care and support?

My brother was affectionate, funny, and intelligent. My mother once told me that when I was born, David was so excited that he bought me a teddy bear with his own money from the school store. That's the kind of brother he was—constantly expressing love for me and those around him. David deserved better care, as does everyone in our community. Through the establishment of IHS, I feel David's presence beside me. Together, we strive to break the cycle and provide healing to individuals and families affected by substance abuse and mental health challenges. Rest in peace, David.

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