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Our Mission 

Integrative Healthcare Solutions is a non-profit bringing holistic healing and prevention strategies to people struggling with substance use disorder and mental health to Rhode Island’s diverse communities.

Our Vision 

We envision an inclusive healthcare system that bridges traditional and holistic medicine together to prevent disease, to support people on their journey to recovery, and build physically and mentally healthy communities. 

Integrative Healthcare Solutions, a nonprofit organization, is an up and coming innovative leader taking action to evolve our healthcare system. Our mission is to bring holistic healing and prevention strategies to people struggling with substance use disorder and mental health in Rhode Island’s diverse communities. We unite both sides of healthcare to help people get to the root cause of their condition and bring healing to people in need. At IHS, we provide holistic treatment with access to education, services, inspiration, and support which empowers people to get well, be well, and stay well. We envision an inclusive healthcare system that bridges traditional and holistic medicine together to prevent disease, to support people on the journey of recovery, and to build mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy communities. 

Meet The Team


Catherine DeOrsey - Integrative Healthcare Solutions Founder and CEO


With a master’s degree in physical therapy, Catherine spent twenty years successfully working for top Fortune 500 pharmaceutical/biotech companies such as Abbott Laboratories, Biogen Idec, and Genentech. She has been consistently recognized for her leadership, and teamwork and collaboration.


Catherine is an innovator and has a keen eye for seeing what doesn’t yet exist. She created the first PT internship program at Westfield State University and non-branded disease state educational programs for healthcare providers before they existed in the pharma/biotech industry. She consistently creates partnerships with closed academic institutions that bring value in the era of no-access industry guidelines. After being diagnosed with Severe Crohn’s Disease, Catherine healed herself by changing her lifestyle and using holistic medicine. Through her personal healing journey, she became a certified health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.


Catherine and her family have been severely affected by the Opioid Crisis through her brother’s twenty-year battle with addiction to his fatal overdose. Catherine sees how the gaps in our healthcare systems can negatively impact everyone’s well-being. Especially those dealing with substance use and mental health. Through IHS, Catherine sets out to create a new healthcare organization that transforms lives and brings healing to all communities.

Michelle Ahlborg – Integrative Healthcare Solutions Chief Operations Officer


Michelle began her professional career in the production, marketing, and communications industry in which she spent 17 successful years developing her own business. Her company, A&M Productions Inc, worked with a variety of clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. A&M Productions received 6 Telly awards, the Gold Quill award and the Davey award.


Michelle joins IHS as COO bringing her business background along with her unwavering passion, and commitment to those struggling. Michelle has a personal understanding and lived experience that has  ignited her devotion to IHS and recognizes the significance for improvement in prevention, awareness, and destigmatizing in this challenging environment. 


Certified IIN health and wellness coach.

Cerified in Mental Health First Aid

Certified in Columbia Suicide - C-SSRS

Certified in RIPRC's Ethics and Risk Management in School Settings

Sean Warren – Integrative Healthcare Solutions Chief Recovery Officer


Sean Warren dedicates his life to service work by supporting communities dealing with substance use and mental health crisis. Certified as a National Peer Recovery Specialist, National Alliance on Mental Illness Facilitator, Nurturing Families Facilitator, Community Health Worker, Reiki practitioner and student of naturopathy, Sean has worked to bring a holistic approach to the field of recovery by using therapeutic eastern medicinal practices, in combination with traditional healthcare, to help support others in achieving states of sustainable well-being. Playing a hand in opening the first Rhode Island Peer Recovery center within a medication assisted treatment facility, Sean is a true champion, and he envelopes guidance for children, adolescents, adults, and parents; by teaching applicable life skills and coaching to reform new pathways driven toward the most fulfilling lives.


Sean joins IHS as CRO. Sean’s history with opioid addiction has offered him an acute perspective on the needs to support individuals suffering with substance abuse. Sean represents his personal experience using natural methods of healing as a statement that holistic healing, combined with community and education, does work when given the space and opportunity.

***IHS Works with a team of Physicians, Therapists, Reiki Healers,  Acupuncturist, Yoga and Meditation masters

and many other other holistic healers***

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